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Seehuis Murder Mystery

Photographing friends, making memories and having having the best time together in Seehuis Witsand.

Group photo.
The wives.
Wealthy Francis Fisk (confusing himself with Trump); outcast poncy scheme brother Jonathan Fisk and zipper challenged playboy brother, Chester Fisk.

The super wealthy, old money Van Walderen siblings: Irene – party planner; Richard – philanthropist and Rose – queen of Manhattan.
Kendis and her newly rich dad, Zekirrie (our murderer), we think they might be local.
Rose and her cheating, soon to be dead fiancee.
Irene posing with koke sniffing journalist Jo, and opportunistic Kendis.
Caterer flirting with playboy.
Set for the event
Game organisers.
Happy couple 1
Happy couple 2
appy couple 3
happy couple 3

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