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Fae is 4 months old

fae is totally smitten with her mommy, she has her eyes on mommy all the time.

22_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach2--Edit
16_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-17_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-22_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-18_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-23_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-21_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-31_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-20_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-27_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-26_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-28_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-25_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-29_karinhaasbroek.com_FAE 4 maande_Carla Rautenbach-



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