I have loved babies since I was a baby. Babies should be photographed as much and as often as possible. Any age is a good age to photograph your young child. I have created a photo plan to cover the most of your baby's precious first year:

I would love to continue working with you, after your newborn session, with my Baby's First Year Plan.

Lets create the best memory collection of your child's first year when they change the most.

Before you know it your baby will be smiling, cooing, sitting and crawling, and then you will be planning a first birthday party.

Don't miss out on preserving the milestones and the sweet moments in between in beautiful images.

In month one, your baby can coo, gurgle, grunt and hum. They will begin to turn their head towards the source of a sound, be are able to focus with both eyes and begin to
track a moving object.


Around 2-months you should be getting your first lopsided smile. Your baby’s movements are becoming slightly more co-ordinated. They start to love kicking out when lying down, hold their head up for short periods when they’re lying on their tummy or on your shoulder .


By 3- months your baby won’t just smile at you, but – grins all round for any old adult who is prepared to smile first. We will have a range of facial expressions to work with. Baby will be in full motion, dancing by moving their arms and legs around. They can bring both hands together and open their fingers. Baby will be more animated and engaging, smiling and cooing


Baby at 4 months will be more likely to be distracted by what’s going on around them, rattles and toys get their attention. Some babies start to roll over.

Baby will be able to play with heir hands and feet for a few minutes.


At 5-months baby may now be able to recognize his own name and understand that you're speaking to him when you say it. Cause and effect interest them.

They soon learn to pass a toy from one hand to the other all by themselves.


6-months old little ones love turn taking games. Some babies choose to commando crawl across the room on their arms, others roll about, and some shuffle on their bottoms.

Stranger anxiety is normal from this age.

7-Month old baby can support some of their weight on their legs, they love to bounce. They are very curious and want to explore.


The 8-month babies are probably sitting well without support, crawling bottom shuffling and probably pulling themselves up or stand while holding on to furniture. Baby will shake objects, bang them and throw them.


My favourite phase is the 9-month old. Energetic, mobile and they know what they want. Distracting their attention is fortunately very effective most of the time.

Months 10, and - full of events, lots of fun things happening. It is the time when your child’s unique unfiltered personality starts to show.


Needless to say that 12 months is our best part – its baby’s birthday!


We end this full year off by compiling your favourite images into an album. This beautiful album will serve as a testament of your love and devotion to your precious child.

All photographs created by Karin Haasbroek are copyright protected by the South African Copyright Law.